Runfox Podcast Episode #4: mRNA Russian roulette & space invaders

In this episode of the Runfox podcast, I take a look at Vaccine injury reports, Little Nas X’s Satan Shoes, deep space fakery, and demonic persecution mistaken for mental illness. US scamdemic killshot update: Canada scamdemic killshot update: DoD presentation on using Vaccines to target religious “fundamentalists” UK scamdemic killshot update: Hilarious UK commercial trying […]

Runfox Podcast episode #3 Trannies in Babylon

After some technical problems, I’m back with a brand new episode of the Runfox podcast. This one is a long one so make sure you have a hot cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. We cover some of the current events surrounding the scamdemic killshot, the vaccine passport/mark of the beast, Fukushima’s 10 […]

Runfox Podcast Episode #2: The Moshiach is coming

In this episode we take a look at some recent news stories and also examine Prince Hall Freemasonry, and the recent video by Truth Unedited. We also take a look at the recent Jewish world call to prayer on February 21st, to pray for the arrival of the Moshiach (Antichrist). Stories covered in this episode: […]

Secure your new Linux install

In this post I am going to rundown how I usually secure my Linux installation when I boot it up for the first time. This will help keep your new install secure. Remember though, nothing is fool-proof so you still need to use common sense online. Although these tips are aimed at securing the two […]

Avoiding censorship & surveillance

What is Free Open Source Software (FOSS)? The first step to avoiding censorship and surveillance is to stop using stuff that is made by those who want to spy on you, deplatform you, and shut down your free speech. This means we need to use Free Open Source Software (foss). Foss software is community developed, […]