A double dose of Lamechs & Enochs in the book of Genesis

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One of the most fascinating aspects of the Bible is the account of the preflood world in the book of Genesis. I am of the opinion that we have been lied to about the level of technology possessed by our ancestors in the past. The Bible describes the first descendants of Adam and Eve as city builders, and the megalithic structures scattered across the globe seem to support this.

The older the megalithic structure, the more advanced and incredible it seems to be. We still do not have the capabilities to create structures like the pyramids in Egypt & the Americas, the temple complexes at Angkor Wat, or the more recent structures like Gothic Cathedrals and the Palace of Versais, Machine of Marley, or the global star fort network.

While I knew that there were two Enochs in the book of Genesis, one descended from Seth, and an evil one who descended from the children of Cain, I had never noticed that there were also two Lamechs in the book of Genesis, until a couple days ago. The case with both Lamechs is similar to the situation with the two Enochs. There is a good Lamech descended from Seth, and an evil Lamech, who is descended of the children of Cain, and who resides in the land of Nod.

With the two Enochs, it’s the same, the Enoch from the line of Seth was so holy, God took him to heaven. He never died like all other humans, he was taken to heaven while he was still alive. The second Enoch was the son of Cain, who followed in Cain’s evil ways, and continued the lineage of the children of Cain. The Bible doesn’t say much except that Cain built a city and named it after his son Enoch, in Genesis 4.

David Carrico and Jon Pounders of Now You See TV made a compelling argument that the city that Cain built for his son Enoch, was Tenochtitlan in Mexico, the city which was ascribed to the Aztecs by modern historians, and where Mexico city lies, today. The name even includes the name Enoch within it.

Was Central & South America the biblical Land of Nod?

Judging from what we know of Aztec religion and human sacrifice, it would make sense that they learned these practices from the Children of Cain. The Lamech which descended from Cain in Genesis makes several startling admissions.

The first is that he, like Cain, was a murderer, who killed a younger man. The second, is that he was a polygamist with two wives, suggesting the practice originated with the children of Cain and the blasphemous and evil practices they were carrying out in the land of Nod, as this is the first mention of polygamy in scripture. Lamech also seems to mock God, by proclaiming his vengeance would be tenfold that of God’s vengeance on any who harmed Cain.

The Lamech who descended from Seth, was the opposite of the Lamech of the children of Cain. He walked in righteousness and lamented the fallen nature of man and the earth directly due to the corruption of sin. We know from the Genesis account, that the people living in the preflood world were so sinful and evil, that God had to wipe them out with the flood.

Only Noah, and his descendants were considered pure and worth saving. Many researchers and scholars have suggested that this is due to the fallen angels mating with human women and creating Giants, who were cannibals who sinned against man and beast.

Many researchers claim the Nephilim and their offspring the Giants polluted the genetics of all men except Noah and his family and also all animals that Noah did not preserve aboard the ark. One cannot help but bear witness to the striking similarities today with the genetic manipulation via the MRNA covid killshots being forced on all men in present times, with the current efforts to make everyone take the killshot through coercion and threats.

This claim is also supported by the first “book of Enoch” although the authenticity of the book of Enoch has been disputed, and the modern text/translation was discovered in Ethiopia in the late 1700’s by Freemason James Bruce, so it must be taken with a grain of salt.

The second and third books of Enoch are also attributed to Enoch, but it is unclear if it is supposed to be the good Enoch or evil Enoch who wrote them, although these books are occultist in nature and seem to have been created centuries later by Cabbalist Rabbis. Doc Marquis, a former Illuminati whistleblower who converted to Christ, has claimed that all 3 books are used by occultists to summon demons.

As the story goes, Cain killed Abel and was exiled by God to the land of Nod. Many archeologists and historians disagree about where the land of Nod is located and if it even existed at all, or if it is strictly mythological. Since we know the Bible is God’s word and literal truth, we know it must have existed and David Carrico’s research provides a credible line of research for those who seek out it’s true location.

We know from countless archeological discoveries of Biblical sites that were lost and rediscovered, and previously believed to be mythical that the Bible is not mythology, it is historical. We also know from the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, that some of the more fantastic and to believe stories from the Bible, like Noah’s Ark, and the crossing of the Red Sea, are also factual.

This strongly supports the fact that the land of Nod was an actual place in our realm and that it has been either obscured and covered up by modern historians, who do not wish to lend any further credibility to the Bible, or it was lost to history and has been misidentified by modern historians.

Considering the destruction of history and culture by the Spanish and the Catholic church during the conquest of the new world, it does not seem so farfetched that the records and codices of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incans and other indigenous civilizations, such as the American Indians in North America, may have proved the validity of the Bible, the existence of Giants, the Romans, Greeks, Phoenecians, and Egyptians in North America, the lost tribes of Israel like the Hebrew Israelites claim, and possibly the Children of Cain and the land of Nod.

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