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How to self-host with Yunohost

What’s Yunohost? Pronounced “why-u-no-host?” Yunohost is an amazing foss project for managing a server and self-hosting your web presence. It’s designed to be user friendly, and Yunohost’s interface lets you manage your server administration with a GUI which is great for noobs who are scared of ssh and the command line. It’s extremely easy to […]

I am self hosting my podcast on Castopod

Previously, I was using a paid hosting service for my podcast,, which was a pretty good option. It has unlimited storage and bandwith and a nice WP plugin to simplify things. However, I am a firm believer in decentralizing the web through self hosting as much as possible, so now I have installed my […]

Secure your new Linux install

In this post I am going to rundown how I usually secure my Linux installation when I boot it up for the first time. This will help keep your new install secure. Remember though, nothing is fool-proof so you still need to use common sense online. Although these tips are aimed at securing the two […]