Flatpaks are my favorite universal packaging format

As someone who has always just used Appimages for any package that was unavailable for my Linux distro, I never even considered trying to use Snaps or Flatpaks. Recently, I decided to switch all my computers to Debian-based distros and Appimages were giving me problems.

Debian doesn’t play nice with electrum-based Appimages, and Debian’s security first approach doesn’t like launching Appimages without a sandbox, and frankly neither do I. This lead to me to look into Snaps & Flatpaks.

Snap is closed source, which automatically made me not want to use them since I am a foss-minded kind of guy. I have used Snaps in the past, but I much preferred Appimages to Snaps, which is why I just defaulted to Appimages for years, if the package wasn’t already in my distro’s repos.

Snaps also have the shortcoming of being the preferred format of Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and other evil and shitty corporations which I don’t trust at all, in any shape or fashion.

This brings me to Flatpaks, which have been a breeze to use. I have been able to find almost everything that is not in the repos, as a Flatpak, and searching, installing and updating Flatpaks is a breeze. I like Flatpaks, and they are probably my new favorite universal packaging format.

Flatpaks are almost available from Flathub, a central appstore that Flatpak maintains to host Flatpak packages. You can also host your own Flatpak repos. Flatpaks work great on both distros that I have installed Flatpak on, and the Flatpak site says they work on 28 different distros.

To get started with Flatpak, visit the Flatpak site: https://flatpak.org/

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