Happy New Years. Don’t expect it to get any better

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Well, it’s January 1st, 2022 and I was always told that we would have flying cars by now when I was a child. I want a refund. They never mentioned that there would not be any flying cars and that instead we would just have a homosexual pedophile Jew world order tyranny and genocide which is enforced digitally.

The saddest part of the entire scamdemic, is that a lot of people I thought had heart, or a pair of balls, have revealed themselves to be weak, easily led, gullible, mind controlled retards who are eager to bend the knee and vigorously suck Jew dick. This entire fucking genocide hustle is being orchestrated by the Jews. This is why Jesus called them the synogogue of Satan.

From the Jewish media, to the Jewish pharmaceutical companies, to the Jewish scientists who created the killshot, to the Jewish controlled and blackmailed pedophile satanist politicians issuing the genocide mandates and murdering children en masse, to the Jewish Masonic police who are quelling any resistance by peaceful protesters, this entire scamdemic is Jewish.

The Jew bankers looted the global economy to such an extent, that the bubble created by their usury has totally and utterly distorted the market signals, so the actual economy, and the cantillon fiat paper Jewish fraud economy have become completely disconnected. The markets are fraud infested vapor.

Knowing that they would be held responsible for their thievery, after the massive citizen backlash to the 2008 collapse, in which the pedo politicos sold out their people in order to continue the ponzi with endless bailouts, they knew they needed to come up with a good excuse for why the middle class would be enslaved and destroyed. Enter the scamdemic.

After a 2 years of government interference in the markets by issuing lockdown mandates, the stock markets are still posting new all time highs. How is this possible, if many businesses have been shutdown, and even more have been shuttered permanently? It’s not. It’s all fraud, and it is all coming home to roost.

The inflation is now being admitted by the FED to be no longer considered “transitory”. This means that it’s here to stay. The scary part is that it’s only just begun. And the killshot deaths are only getting started. How many boosters will the idiot public accept? How many children need to die before they pull their heads out of their asses?

The thieving Jew bankers will blame it all on the scamdemic in attempt to evade the consequences for their institutional theft, and the debt enslavement of the entire world, with the imposition of a hellish dystopian digital prison cosntructed with nanotech, 5G, CBDC cashless economy and a Chinese-style social credit system and censorship model.

Don’t expect any of this to stop unless people rise up and hang their political, media, and financial classes from the nearest light post. I wouldn’t hold my breath, the retard public still thinks the scamdemic is real and covid exists. They can’t even bring themselves to say the word Jew. It’s only going to spiral further down the road to total tyranny.

At least until the Jews can’t milk any more mileage out of the scamdemic, and they pull the rug from under the economy, and jump start it back to life with World War 3 (which has already started with their vaccine genocide attack on us). Expect 2022 to be more of the same dark and twisted Satanic, Faggot, Pedo, Jew World Order.

This has all been written about in the Bible, so rejoice because it must happen as God has described. Jesus is coming back soon, and every single last one of these evil sons of bitches will have their reckoning. Stay strong, don’t buckle, and trust in Jesus. Even though it looks dark and depressing, Jesus wins, and we have to hold the line.

God bless you and I hope you and yours stay poison free, and strong in faith.

Happy New Years!

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