I am self hosting my podcast on Castopod

Previously, I was using a paid hosting service for my podcast, castos.com, which was a pretty good option. It has unlimited storage and bandwith and a nice WP plugin to simplify things. However, I am a firm believer in decentralizing the web through self hosting as much as possible, so now I have installed my own Castopod instance, and will be hosting my podcast on my own.

Castopod is a great FOSS project, aimed at safeguarding free speech in an age of Jewish Communist web censorship and tech monopolies. You can learn more about Castopod, here. I’ll be writing up a tutorial on how I got it up and running, very soon.

I decided that before I went any further, I would need to reorganize how I would be self-hosting my web presence, and this is a big part of the reason I have not posted much recently. I have been learning how to implement the tools I need to accomplish my objective, and also actually doing it. I didn’t want to have migrate a ton of podcasts, so I just stopped making them until I could get my Castopod instance up.

I have been super busy re-arranging my stack of self-hosted web stuff, from implementing castopod, to adding new BTCPay server, which also accepts Monero as well as BTC, and Lightning. New podcast episodes are on the way, as well as live streams coming from my Peertube instance, so stay tuned. As soon as I am done getting everything set up, I’ll start working on streams and new episodes as well as tutorials on how I did it.

To listen to my previous episodes, take a look at my Castopod:


To support the podcast, you can donate BTC, Lightning, or XMR, to the podcast crowdfund:


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