Rambox is the best open source messenger app

Many people who use Linux swear that Pidgin is the best messaging app, and I use to believe it, too. Pidgin was always one of my go to apps on any new distro install for years.

Seriously, though, let’s face it, Pidgin is a bit of a pain in the ass to setup and configure correctly especially for all the different messenger apps I have to use for keeping in touch with family, friends, coworkers, and old partners in crime.

This is exactly where Rambox shines. Rambox is also an open source app which allows you to use tons of popular messaging apps AND email. It’s super easy to use, it’s literally enter your username & password and click a button.

It has tons of different messaging app options, a bunch of social media integrations, an extensive list of different email choices, and if you still don’t see what you need, you can create custom entries for the services you wish to add.

Rambox is so great, it may actually kill off my usage of another multi-year must have app that I use on every single Linux computer I have and that is Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

For just as long as I have been using Pidgin for messaging, I have been using Thunderbird for my email client. I have tried Sylpheed, and Konqueror for short periods of time because people say they’re better than Thunderbird, but I have just gotten so familiar with Thunderbird, I love it, so I keep going back to it.

I still need to try Rambox for email also, I am unconvinced as of now. I already have 8 messenger and social media apps rocking in Rambox, so if I also add Google email & Calendar for work, and the 2-3 additional personal email addresses I have, It may get too busy for just one app.

As of now, I am still using Thunderbird for all my emails, and Rambox for everything else, which is amazing. 2 apps is much easier than the multiple apps I had open all at once, before. It would be even better if it was only 1 for all messages & emails.

I just found out about Rambox tonight as I was looking for a Pidgin replacement as Pidgin was just pissing me off for the last time. It was easy to install, and I hooked all my messaging apps up. Tomorrow I’ll add email and let you know if it is a dream come true or a nightmarish cesspool of alerts.

My first impression of Rambox is a very good one, and it has me thinking of how happy I was when I discovered Bitwarden and said goodbye to Keepass.

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