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Genocide news, baby murder, and Satanic evil for the discerning Christian – The Runfox Review Episode 3

Check out the latest episode of my podcast where I cover the mass murder of children by the covid death cult. Listen here: Articles covered Bill Gates is calling for online censorship because his genocidal depopulation scheme has been exposed Pfizer’s own data supports the finding that the killshots cause AIDS Retards […]

The pushback begins: resistance going mainstream?

Check out my most recent podcast, where I cover some interesting news articles that illustrate that we are in the end times described in the Book of Revelation, from the Bible. Listen to it hear on Castopod: Listen to it here, on Peertube Show notes: This is the first episode of my re-launched podcast, […]

Rant 1 – I’ll never take your garbage

I believe in Jesus and pray that you accept him as your savior. Don’t believe the hype, and never take the mark of the beast. If you’d like to support my blog You can donate here with Bitcoin, Lightning Network, or Monero Or you can donate to my crowdfund with Bitcoin, Lightning Network, or Monero: […]