The pushback begins: resistance going mainstream?

Check out my most recent podcast, where I cover some interesting news articles that illustrate that we are in the end times described in the Book of Revelation, from the Bible.

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Show notes:

This is the first episode of my re-launched podcast, under a new name, the Runfox Review. In this episode I talk about current events.

Story 1:

Southwest has been crippled by pilots striking against the killshot snakebite. southwest is blaming weather so they don’t have to refund customers.

Story 2:

Amtrak mandated an employee killshot requirement with a november 1st deadline, and now they are also having staff shortages and having to cancel 38851594

Story 3:

Delta is also having to cancel almost 700 flights because of an air traffic controller walkout

Story 4:

In non scamdemic news, Superman is now a faggot:

Story 5:

In more apalling news of the governments involvement in Satanic child sacrifice and baby murder through grotesque and barbaric “scientific” procedures, Natural News reports that it has uncovered that the FDA involved in harvesting organs from living babies

Story 6:

Pfizer is planning to genocide an entire Brazilian city

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